At Superior Drywall of San Diego, we provide a wide range of contracting services. One of our unique options is drywall installation and repair. If you need to redo the drywall in your home or are looking to finish your basement, we have the experience and expertise required to install new drywall that’s built to last. Our drywall installation process includes taping, plastering, and finishing the drywall. We are also capable of installing ceilings to help complete your space.

There are other reasons why you might require a visit from our drywall specialists besides just installation. If you have drywall that has been damaged beyond repair, we are able to remove that section, replace it, and patch the area so it is smooth, looks great, and is ready for paint. However, not all damaged drywall needs to be replaced. If the damage is not significant enough to warrant a complete replacement, we can perform a repair.

Our team is capable of repairing any drywall damage you may have in your home. Whether it’s something small, such as a hole from a doorknob, or a scratch from rubbing against the wall, or something much larger, such as accidentally running your car into the wall of your garage, we have you covered.

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