Texture matching refers to a specialized process or set of techniques used when making repairs to any drywall or ceiling surfaces that do not have a smooth finish. The most common or well-known example of a textured surface is popcorn ceilings. While the specific methods and techniques vary depending on the type of texture, all texture matching work occurs as the final, finishing stage of drywall and ceiling repairs.

The technicians at Superior Dry Wall of San Diego are experts at texture matching your walls and ceilings so there are zero lines, marks, or shadows left behind after repairs. Our seamless texture matching will update the look and feel of your walls, leaving you with a fresh, clean, and cohesive finish, which can also help increase the value of your home. We can even correct any damage or uneven textures left behind by another service provider.

Texture matching is difficult for many inexperienced handymen or contractors–let alone homeowners–because it takes time and a lot of practice to understand the differences in drywall and ceiling finishes and how to replicate them. 

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